About Us/Media

The Drama Club at Southwestern is a group of Christian dramatists, originally founded at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth. It is incorporated as a 501 C-3 based in the state of Texas, under the name Drama Club at Southwestern, with tax-exempt status. See the DONATE tab–all donations to us are tax-deductible. Our mission is to bring glory to God and spread the Gospel through high-quality original and multicultural stage plays. We want to provide an opportunity to creative Christians whether their interests lie in acting, directing, writing, sets, makeup, media promotion, makeup and hair, research, outreach, or management. We won’t complain about the lack of Christian culture, we will make Christian culture!

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The current officers of the Drama Club at Southwestern are:

Kara Tisher, President; Thomas Wreay, Vice President; Abraham Prado, Secretary; and Brittany Clubine, Treasurer.

The Creative Directors are Daniel Dudley for Lady and the Girl, Justin Crawford for Tacubaya, and Tuan Ceu, Van Hlu, and Moses Bawi for Chin.

Team Leaders currently include: Tammy Lucero (acting), Sarah Mejía (directing), Kristina Sanchez (makeup and hair), Andrew Henrich (sets), Kaytlynn Johnson (fundraising), Glenn Melvin (research), David Turner (social media), Meredith Goff (writing), Marissa Henrich (photography), Mercy Robinson (outreach), Leah Stockton (costumes).